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Measuring our success one client at a time.

             Pilates Emporium         

 Niagara's Studio for Mature Clientele


Welcome - Our Studio is Primarily for Mature Clientele interested in increasing or maintaining strength in safe and progressive ways and/or Clients who have Physical Conditions. our approach is unique. we want you to gain the information you need to continue your strengthening at home as well as in the studio. 


Pilates Emporium provides a unique service to the community specializing in addressing the individual needs of all our clients blending the original principles of Joseph Pilates with contemporary approaches. Certified, experienced instructors enhance each client's ability to reach their full physical potential.

People interested in meeting us and viewing the studio can call or email and set up an appointment. We love new clients and can't wait to share with you the uniqueness of our studio. 

Pilates Emporium 8 Hiscott Street, Unit 1 St. Catharines L2R 1C6