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 Niagara's Studio for Mature Clientele


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Measuring our success one client at a time.

What is Pilates Emporium?

Pilates Emporium is a  private studio offering a unique health and fitness option to the Niagara community. Our primary focus of instruction and support is based in intelligent  classical and contempary Pilates Movement. With our trained and talented Instructors we provide individualized support including small group, private and semi-private fitness options designed to meet the goals of each individual client. 

How is Pilates Emporium Unique? 

Through consultation, client's physical strengths and needs, personal goals and commitments as well as personal postural alignment are determined and a plan of action to meet client's needs are established. Action plans are monitored and can include outside resources and supports as well as independent  in- home programs. Through consultation with Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Massage Therapists, we include recommendations and modifications for clients in both group and private sessions.

Who are our Clients?

Our clients range from people interested in core strengthening to augment their current fitness regime to rehabilitation and strength training with progressive and responsible practices. 


Clients with physical issues requiring physiotherapy can access our Physiotherapist for assessment, treatment, and monitored Physio-Pilates utilizing health care benefits when confirmed and supervised by the physiotherapist.

Detailed Pricing

Detailed pricing is provided at the time of consultation. Keeping in mind clients goals and physical abilities,  programs are mutually determined between the client and the Instructor with clear objectives and action plans within a specified time period. Costs can range from $60 per month to $400 per month based on client commitment and goal plan. 

Summary of Pricing Options

​​New Client Promotion: 3 Private Sessions + 15 Credits....$399.


Client health and safety is our highest priority. All new clients to Pilates Emporium participate in the New Client program whereby personal instruction provides the client with core principles of Pilates in 3 private one hour sessions. Clients are assessed with a functional movement analysis, postural analysis and exposed to basic queuing and pilates exercises including equipment and training to use modifications and accommodations to use in subsequent group sessions. All instructors are informed of client goals and accommodations. Once clients have completed their New Client Program, the Instructor and client will determine a mutually agreed upon membership or Drop in package that will support individual client goals. 

Credit Packages: Credit Packages have a 6 month expiration from date of purchase.

Credit packages work best for clients who have an irregular schedule.

10 Credits - $180

20 Credits - $340

30 Credits - $480

40 Credits - $600

Memberships:  6 Month 

Memberships are priced based on a regular schedule of credits required weekly to meet client goals.

                                  6  Month Memberships range from $420 to $1,976 or $70/month to $410/month

Private sessions range from $60 to $75 per session or 5 credits. Semi-Private Sessions range from $40 - $45 or 3 credits a session per person. Semi privates are made up of 2 or 3 clients in a session. Packages Available.

Policy for Membership Cancellation: If a client chooses to end their membership prior to their renewal date, calculating sessions utilized to date at the Drop-In Rate will apply, a refund will be issued within 1 week and/or cancellation of monthly membership will discontinue immediately. Memberships are automatically renewed and can be cancelled at any time.

Policy for Vacation and Leave of Absence: Clients can extend their membership once through their membership if vacation and or sickness over a 3 week period is required. In-home programs, vacation programs, on-line support as well as adjustments to regular schedules and private and semi-private sessions are available to help clients reach their goals within their current membership commitments. 

No regular promotions or discounted services available. Pilates Emporium is a small studio that values the individualized and personalized attention provided to each client. Group sizes are small to make sure that everyone receives the specialized support they require.